Welcome. I am extremely honoured and privileged to represent Cambridge
as your Member of Parliament.

Our magnificent city has a rich and colourful heritage and a wealth of
diverse talents of which I am incredibly proud.

A great deal has been achieved here and there is still much more that we can do in
the coming weeks and months by working together.

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Pupil Premium helps youngsters get better GCSE results

18 July, 2014 No Comments

Disadvantaged youngsters across Cambridgeshire have achieved better GCSE results as the Pupil Premium begins to have an impact in schools. The news, that more than 30 per cent of youngsters...

Huppert welcomes investment in aerospace research

18 July, 2014 No Comments

Cambridgeshire companies are to benefit from a share of £154 million of government investment in aerospace technology. The investment, which includes £30 million of joint funding from the government and...

Join the fight for fairer funding for Cambridgeshire’s schools

13 March, 2014 No Comments

For 30 years, Cambridgeshire schools have been underfunded. Currently, we get £600 per pupil per year less than the English average – that’s about £250,000 for a typical primary school.
I’ve been campaigning on this for more than a decade, as have others before me, but no government has ever been prepared to do anything about it – until now.
Changing this has been one of my personal priorities since I was elected, and after raising questions, holding debates, and putting pressure on Michael Gove, David Laws, Danny Alexander and Nick Clegg, I am really delighted that David announced that the government …

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